HPB launches Testnet

HPB小秘书发表于:2018年03月30日 23:52:44更新于:2018年03月30日 23:59:18

Closed Beta Testing: March 31st 24:00 (UTC+8)

- Official website will be updated. Visit us at www.gxn.io

Public Testing: April 3rd 24:00 (UTC+8)

- White Paper V2.0 will be updated on the official website.

- Testing tutorial will be released. The community is invited to participate in public testing:

Github: https://github.com/hpb-project/ghpb-testnet


Closed Beta Testing mainly focuses on below two core functions:

1. The HPB currently adopts Prometheus consensus algorithm. With fixed trusted node, the basic framework of high TPS consensus algorithm is established through voting, statistics, and calculation. Closed Beta Testing will stress test the stability of the consensus algorithm and the Fork recovery mechanism.

2. To tackle the network bandwidth bottleneck in high TPS scenario, HPB optimizes the P2P network topology so that it can meet the actual future needs.


Based on the test results, HPB team will immediately enter the next phase of R&D, including:

·      Consensus algorithm optimization.

·      BOE hardware acceleration engine logic design and verification.

·      Hardware board production.

·      Heterogeneous computing system design.

·      Network concurrency and protocol optimization.

·      High TPS scenario parameters adjustment.



HPB Foundation

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