February 2018 HPB Project Progress Report

HPB小秘书发表于:2018年03月09日 23:20:25更新于:2018年03月09日 23:34:29

I. Project Progress 


1.1 Hardware Acceleration Part Progress:


  •  BOE hardware schematic design is completed

  •  BOE hardware production BOM procurement is completed       

  •  BOE acceleration software interface design is completed


1.2 R&D progress of underlying blockchain:


  •   Consensus Algorithm :The first edition of detailed code testing is completed

  •   Distributed Network :The first edition of network topology testing is completed

  •   Testnet :Testnet network platform is completed


------HPB will launch its testnet by the end of March-----


II. Branding and Awareness


HPB will speak at the 2018TokenSky blockchain conference Seoul station

On the 14-15th of March 2018, the 2018 TokenSky blockchain conference will be held at Hilton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. The Tokensky blockchain conference theme is “TOKEN Changing the World”, bringing together the world’s top blockchain enterprises, scholars and practitioners to join the festivities.


HPB is invited to speak at the 2018 TokenSky blockchain conference. On March 15th, HPB will share how to solve the industrial bottleneck of TPS performance through the combination of hardware and software technology solutions.