Website Redesign Competition Winner Announcement

HPB小秘书发表于:2018年02月27日 19:12:15更新于:2018年03月28日 01:02:42

Last month, HPB invited community supporters to participate in the official website redesign competition.  

Thank you to all those of you that participated in the competition. We were truly impressed by the quality and the concept of submissions! 


All 8 finalists above will receive 800 RMB equivalent of HPB reward (25 HPB). Congratulations!

Kym Gilham


Ducoulombier Simon


Kim Eriksson

Emery Andrew

Shahmeer Chaudhry


Our Winner Is...


My name is Mehdi Boussaad. I'm a French designer graduated from Paris Design School (EPSAA) and I got into blockchains in 2016. I really like the idea and the tech behind HPB, so here is some of the features I tried to incorporate to the overall feeling of your website :

* Your product is supposed to handle very high velocity, so it has to be sharp and neet, hence the thin shapes

* Your product is composed of hardware, so basically real physical object, hence the smooth 3D effects

* I sticked with the font you're using on social medias (Titilium) and the colours of your brand (Dark blue and light cyan)





The first prize winner will receive 16,000 RMB equivalent of HPB reward (470 HPB). Félicitations!

For finalists and the first prize winner, please email us your wallet address via the email you used for submission. You will receive the reward within one week.

We hope this competition gave everyone an extra burst of confidence and inspiration to assist on the journey ahead. Thank you all for your participation!