January 2018 HPB Project Progress Report

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1.     Project Progress

1.1 Hardware acceleration part progress:

•   Accelerator card function requirements are determined, beginning the hardware design;

•   The TCP/UDP offloading module design has been completed, debugged and tested;

•   Designing PCIE module and TCP/UDP offloading module interface;

•   Analyzing transaction processing performance bottlenecks and determining acceleration function points;


1.2 R&D progress of underlying blockchain:

•   Consensus algorithm:

The first edition of detailed code is completed

•   Distributed network:

The first edition of network optimization code is completed

•   R&D testing platform:

R&D testing network based on cloud platform is completed


2. HPB Branding and Awareness

2.1 HPB was invited to participate in an “Innovation of Blockchain Evolution” themed knowledge-sharing workshop.

 On January 17th, Xiaoming Wang, CEO of HPB, was invited to attend this event as a keynote speaker. Held in the Shanghai International Tower and jointly organised by State Securities and Shared Capital. He delivered a speech on "How to Solve Performance Bottlenecks through a Combination of Hardware and Software”.


He stated that,"After four years of rapid development in the blockchain industry, it has gradually entered the mainstream market. Yet, the blockchain technology is still in its early stages. Its technology has poor performance and lacks large-scale blockchain business application. The fundamental technical bottleneck lies in the lack of blockchain platform that can support a large number of simultaneous BAT (level) users. The current solution is effectively based on software level optimization, which cannot solve the fundamental issue. Based on the real needs of the industry, HPB was the first to propose the chip acceleration engine and to create a new blockchain hardware and software architecture.



2.2 On January 26th, HPB attended Blockchain Connect Conference in San Francisco


2.3 HPB held three overseas workshops in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles and New York

On January 27th, HPB held its first overseas blockchain technology workshop at Stanford University. The workshop brought together hundreds of blockchain scholars, developers, entrepreneurs and investors. Xiaoming Wang, CEO of HPB, Shanlin Lou, VP of Technology of HPB, Wu Jun, former vice president of Tencent delivered speeches to explain limitations and solutions of current blockchain technology. Xiaoming Wang also joined Alex Witt, SWFTCoin CFO, Sabrina Yuan, Silicon Valley Blockchain Catalyst CEO, and Rocky T. Lee, Head of the U.S. Corporate Practice of King & Wood to discuss application scenarios.



On January 31st and February 3rd, HPB held two blockchain technology workshops respectively at University of California Los Angeles and Columbia Business School. Xiaoming Wang, CEO of HPB and Shanlin Lou, VP of Technology of HPB and NASA senior researcher Dr. Yutao He were present to share their knowledge.



2.4 On January 26th, HPB co-founder Dr. Jinxin Li was invited to attend the 1st Lujiazui Blockchain Financial Seminar. Also present at the seminar were Li Quansheng, Founder and Managing Partner of Delta Capital, CEO of Cocoon Technology, founder of Sci-Tech Network Shi Xiaojie, Currency Co-Founder Shi Rui-Qi, consolidated capital partner Ji Tian amongst many.