December 2017 HPB Project Progress Report

HPB小秘书发表于:2018年01月16日 17:53:26更新于:2018年02月27日 00:25:23

1      Research and Development Progress

1.1 Research and development of hardware chip

  • Accelerated algorithm optimization is in progress

  • Ethereum mining and corresponding management software development in progress

1.2 Underlying research and development of blockchain progress

  • Consensus algorithm:

   Combined with previous analysis and design, coding has started

  • Distributed network:

   Combined with the preliminary design, coding has begun

  • Research and development test platform:

   A distributed network is built for R&D and testing


1.3 Hardware accelerator parts progress 

  • The BOE top-level design proposal is finalized. Documentation and code are submitted to GIT

  • NIU module capability is analysed. Source code design is effectively completed. Function simulations begin and preparations are made for debugging.

  • Beginning IP module functional analysis for coding

  • Beginning to build hardware accelerated testing and debugging environment

2     Landing on Bibox Exchange 

On December 14th 2017, HPB is listed on Bibox exchange, further promoting the liquidity of HPB tokens.


3    Technology Sharing

3.1 China Blockchain Technology Applications Summit On December 21st, 2017

The founding team was invited to participate in the 2017 China Blockchain Technology Application Summit (BTAS2017). Xiaoming Wang, founder and CEO of HPB, made keynote speech on solving the bottleneck of blockchain performance through a combination of hardware and software. He shared the latest progress and breakthrough of HPB, analysed the technology of blockchain chip acceleration engine and spoke on achieving high-speed operation of the blockchain engine and its technical principles.


3.2 Chinese Blockchain Technology Christmas Event on December 25, 2017


Chinese blockchain technology Christmas event was successfully held in Lujiazui, Shanghai. Xiaoming Wang said, “There are still many problems in the process of commercialization of blockchain technology. Performance is an important factor to the product landing. To accelerate product landing speed is the primary task of HPB research and development.”


4    Community Building

4.1  Community sharing On December 3, 2017

Xiaoming Wang was invited by Nebula chain CEO Hitters Xu to speak at the decentralized search framework community sharing event. As a guest speaker, Wang explained the design concept and technical realization principle of HPB.


4.2  Live broadcast On December 8, 2017

HPB team launched the first community-based live broadcast with the theme of "High-Tech Ecological Chain”. Xiaoming Wang spoke about improving the HPB white paper and token distribution plan.


4.3 Blockchain technology application salon training On December 13, 2017

Founding team member Jason Hu introduced HPB at the blockchain technology application salon training that was hosted by University of Science & Technology China.